Weber K553 carb on a L 134 motor

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Weber K553 carb on a L 134 motor

Post by 1fun51 » Tue Jul 12, 2011 11:13 am

Has anyone had any experience putting a Weber K553 carb on a L 134 motor? I started with a carter and went to a solex and just put a carb kit in the solex and still have issues with keeping the motor running smooth throughout the rpm range. So now I'd like to try my hand at a weber K553 carb but i'd like to know of any problems or of any good things that have came from such a project. I'm reading it requires some modification and I'd like to know what exactly that means before I plop down a bunch of money. Any and all ideas are greatly appreciated.

Rod Rushton
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Re: Weber K553 carb on a L 134 motor

Post by Rod Rushton » Mon Mar 26, 2012 12:26 pm

We have several WW2 Jeeps running with Weber Carb conversions.
The one we use was originally made to use on the Series 3 Land Rover, which is conveniently 2 1/4 litres -the same as an MB/GPW.
It is Weber model 34 ICH
The modifications to make it fit are very easy.
The mounting holes need filing out a fraction to fit the Jeep studs.
I used a gasket rather than the Jeep wartime atomiser
The butterfly lever needs to be reversed and straightened out(as it is cranked)
There needs to be a piece of tubing of the correct size cut to join it up to the air/cleaner horn

The kit is priced in the US at about $150 and is complete with fuel hose, in-line filter ready to connect to the Jeep fuel pump.

It gives very good gas mileage and easy starting right out of the box

Good luck
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