Hood numbers

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Hood numbers

Post by Grumpyone » Thu May 04, 2017 9:03 am

I have what I believe is a 1943 gpw no serial numbers or engine, does have hood number that are yellow on gray USN 117338 all in a straight line. Did the Navy use yellow numbers and letters on a regular basis. Thanks for any suggestions and guidence in this matter.

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Re: Hood numbers

Post by Mark Tombleson » Thu May 04, 2017 9:31 am

Hi, welcome to G503! :D

Factory Navy MBs like mine were painted forest green with yellow markings.

From the U.S. Navy Preventative Maintenance Program for Domestic Transportation Equipment (including jeeps) dated August 1944.

All U.S. Navy domestic transportation vehicles shall be painted medium gray #123.

How marked. - Lettering and numbers shall preferably be applied by Decalcomania transfers, otherwise with paint. Color of markings shall be black.

So, now we have hard documentation that the Navy painted jeeps gray during the WWII war period, from August 1944 until the end of the war. However, it is noted this was done only within the continental United States.

Interesting to note medium gray #123 is as set forth in Color Card Supplement (21 April 1943) of U.S. Army Specification No. 3-1. It is gloss color synthetic enamel and the detail specifications are covered in U.S. Army Specification No. 3-175A, 5 February 1944. Paint is grade II due to the critical supply of certain ingredients.

If you look at the Navy/USMC serial number list you can see where USN 117338 fits in. Your GPW may have been painted before the above regulations kicked in or overseas but the fact is you have yellow and gray, both colors the Navy used.

I sure would like to see some photos and can you tell us what height the letters/numbers are?

I see you asked a month ago... you can email me photos and I will post them for you.


Cool photo... looks like 2" high? Looks like they used a stencil in service somewhere. On your dash, is there a small brass oval tags with numbers?
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