WTK - WWII Radioplane OQ-14 Drone O-45-1 engine color

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WTK - WWII Radioplane OQ-14 Drone O-45-1 engine color

Post by Quest Master » Thu Jun 15, 2017 8:23 am

I recently obtained a Kiekhaefer O-45-1 engine which was used on the WWII 1944-1945 AAF OQ-14 and Navy TDD-3 Target Drone. My question is about the paint color. On other restored examples that I've seen, the engine case was painted red with the air cooled cylinder heads and carburetor painted black

The example that I have appears to be New-Old-Stock and does not appear to have been run, but it is completely gloss black (with chips from handling). It is Serial Number KC-82020, A.A.F. Model Specification R-28620, A.A.F. DWG. No. 45G7850, Order No. NOa(s) 6443, Manufactured in August 1945, Property USN.

Did Radioplane, Righter or Kiekhaefer transition to an all black engine late in the war? I do not want to repaint the motor if in fact it is the original paint and it is supposed to be all black and not red/black.
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