slat grill differences

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slat grill differences

Post by wjt50 » Sat Jul 11, 2009 1:41 am

We are just starting restoring our slat grill MB Serial No 113989 and we are not sure what are original parts and what are off a later MB. Can anybody give us a list of the differences and possibly photos. Any information would be a reat help. William

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Re: slat grill differences

Post by iowa » Sat Jul 11, 2009 4:35 am

there is a current list s.w. on this forum
where is it?
this is what i have
sorry it is not tabbed properly
but will give you a start
until the current list is found


100001 103346 - 118600 120700-125809
Body: ACM type I caged & tapped frt seats, fenders, hood
Transmission tunnel: wider narrower tunnel
willys script on rear panel all slats???
Fuel sump square corners sq corners to 118,600? round corners
Grill: slats A-2858 slat slat
Dase cut out on top - 100001 don't have it
Steering wheel: early type sheller A-535 (blk) early type black plastic(130,xxx)
Hood: early type A-2836 w/h ch Std. type std. type
Hood air deflector type I A-2977 yute Type II semi-circ holes for hood block scrws Type II (type III were post slat)
Hood blocks A-2922 (green rubber) (218,345)
Frame: early type A-1142
Battery tray welded assbly A-1138 (120,699) last split 1
Windshield: short A-2796 Std. type (tall) some say 103,546
Windshield-top fasteners A-2924
Windshield to hood catch: long A-2989
Windshield adj arm clamping: cup & rubber washer
Windshield logo lower outboard corners
Windshield to dash clamps brass (13x,xxx) bronze
Windshield top fasteners push buttons (164,554)
Fenders: early type w/air deflectors
Springs: F 8 leaf/R 9 leaf w/MA rebound clips
Axe clamp, rear: 2 screws to mount
Top bow pivet 5/16 NF thread
Top bow front bracket top bolt 5/15NC x 1/2"
Top bow front bracket bottom nut 3/8NC wide flat
Footman loops some w/sq shoulders
wheels early A-1799 solid kelsey-hayes (120,699) std type
Rear axle shaft w/end flange cut away to match hub
Reflectors: C-B Tiger Eye
Skid Plate: early, narrow
Firewall radio filter grp: A-1517 w/hinged door
Firewall insulator: 3 pieces A-2850 3132 3157 Type II
Firewall grommets: rubber
Tie rod seals: rubber A-843
Buckles, shovel, ax & top stow: brass
Clutch Housing: MA type
Curtain: top & doorway is willys type
Muffler: early, round A-1146 (143,507)
Transmission: R side fill & drain plugs (174,xxx)
Frame SN L frame member B-H gussett (no MB)
Fire extinquisher on R side R side if no glove box (120,697) 1st box 120,680 L side if glove box (1 clamp)
Shackle bushings have pressed in grease zerks
Blackout marker lites: early type base
Parking brake: small drum
Seat bracket: rear is 3 piece 125,809
Seats, front have split tubing
Seat driver w/small neck opening
Seat driver w/different brace?????
Mirror arm is longer - MA hex nut not set screw
Wipers: dual w/individual arms
Door gaskets: rubber (dash tool box)
Data Plates are brass w/65mph max
Brakes pedal square/clutch round
Doorway strap eye bolt: Vertical
floor seals T84 T18 levers accl pedal rubber
TC levers small diameter A-968 A-969(well into Dec)
Alum knobs on shifters?????
seat cushions w/padding & zippers no sprgs ended at 251,000
lite knobs metal engraved filled w/white
Switch: keyed (202,023) ignition switch is key marked "H700"
choke-throttle knobs: 2 part constr raised L
Fuel gauge says 'gas' gages: autolite
Ammeter (+/-30 amps)
Speedometer in 5mph increments Speedometer: autolite w/early dial 5->1 after 137,760
generator: early w/oil cups at frt and rear
Fuel tank: small cap (174,739) fuel tank w/small cap
rear seat: no provision for tire pump
Tool box lids: two short hinges(118,599)
Rubber tail lite grommet not painted
Spare tire support: std type w/lock
no trailer socket 158,372
no fuel can carrier 165,582
no reinforced rear body gussets 204,xxx
no BO lite on L fender 163,750
no rifle racks
oil filler tube/dipstick no. 639555: early (114,550)
Intake manifold w/no taps
Road draft vent on valve cover (204,040)
Oilpan-riveted drain boss
AC air filter (124,308) 124,309 = Oaks Type I
Early radiator
Radiator hoses one piece
No E.brk boss on bellhousing
Generator-ball bearings
Voltage Regulator is autolite VRY4203A
Filters added to Voltage Reg 112,925
Distributer is Autolite open type IGC-4705
Air cleaner crossover tube is early shorter type (.25")
Rubber rain shields
Reinforcement straps are short (55-1/8")
Early rear brake bracket (106,762)
Early shock tower brackets
No rivet in MG support
Pintel hook: early (T60A w/STEEL?)
No pintel hook trailer eyelets (158,372)
No rear crossmember frame gusets (351,xxx)
Rear axle tapped for brake tee
No torque rxn spring (146,774)
Scalloped flange rear axles
Early Monroe shocks (non-refillable)
Radiator ery 3ib rad 108,452
GPW 31262 DOD 6 23 42
Slat 122876 DOD 2 26 42
L-4B 43-572 DOD 8-31-42 82nd of 100 Silver Fort Sill planes!

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Re: slat grill differences

Post by iron duck atelier » Wed Jul 15, 2009 9:14 am

Have send you a lot of pictures !!!

Have fun exploring, Luc
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Re: slat grill differences

Post by GreyWulf » Sat Jul 25, 2009 6:23 pm

I am also working on a Slat grill, Jan 42. Can anyone who has worked with these, send pics showing the differences and what parts to look for. I have the right rear axle, tranny, transfer case, big rear driveshaft, sheller wheel, body, while in need of alot of work, is complete minus small fittings, front seats, and gas gauge. But my money-pit came with no engine no radiator, a GPW front axle, and I broke the motometer speedometer (I let it fall through a rust hole in the body and threw it away not knowing there was any difference. Go ahead and shoot me, I have had 6 years to regret that.) As a grad student, I am collecting parts in order to start the restoration as soon as able. I would be grateful for any help. My frame # is listed below.
1942 Slat Grill #111246
1943 GPW #135942
1943 PE-49F
1943 PE-75AC
1943 PE-77E
1944 PE-95G
SCR-177B, SCR-188A, SCR-274N, SCR-284, SCR-300,
SCR-508/528, SCR-509/510, SCR-593, TRC-2,
BC-312/314/342/344s, BC-348R/P/Q, BC-611C/D, BC-652A,
telephones and other comm gear

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