Heavy bearing turrets and other parts

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Heavy bearing turrets and other parts

Post by CHASWINGMAN » Tue Dec 19, 2017 8:47 am

I've got some cool stuff available:

Heavy turret kits:
1. Heavy bearing
1. Geared ring (have both versions)
1. Set of spacer rings
1. Top plate
1. Heavy weapons mount (triangle mount that bolts to the bearing and does not require the k bracket) includes the riser
1. UPA that inserts into the riser and has the attachment point for the T&E bar, as well as the plate that the extension bar for the chicken shield mounts to.
1. Hatch with the support legs. (do not have the feet for the legs, but I've seen them on ebag)
1. Hatch bracket that is used when installing the OGPK or the earlier GPK
1. Orange handle lock mechanism
1. Green crank assembly

All the parts listed above is a package deal of 3,000.00
If you want the Motor, I have a few of the green ones that are in perfect working order and fully serviced and tested for $700.00
I also have the tan motor (has the capability of installing a crank handle for manual operation) also serviced and ready to go
for $800.00

What I don't have are the latches that hold the hatch closed, the support leg feet for the hatch as mentioned above, the backrest pads, nor all of the correct mounting bolts (Fastenal is the best source for them). Hardware needed is based on your support, as the support is sometimes the meat in the sandwich, depending on the configuration, so bolt length will vary based on how you plan to install it. 86hmmwv and Beltfed34 are good sources for some of these parts as well.

For the power motor system, there are a few parts needed that I don't have yet. The BPMTU (CONTROL BOX), the joystick and the wiring harness. The BPMTU plugs directly into the motor, then has two power source options (vehicle power and alternate battery power). However, Thesaint025 on here has the motor kits brand new and listed on this page. I have some BPMTU's that I have not had a chance to test and they are a little beat up from poor handling. I do have a perfect set that I use for testing, not for sale, as it will eventually end up in my truck.

This turret kit is for the guy that wants a heavy duty set up, if you just want a turret that spins, you can use the lighter duty ones and do just fine. (see Thesaint025, 86hmmwv or other members) None of these parts are new, they all have scuffs, scrapes and even some gouges in the aluminum parts, but are fully serviceable. I have individual parts available from the list above, but very limited quantity. I know the prices suck, but I traded some very expensive items to get these parts.

The top plate that is part of this kit still has the whiskers and they are not perfect. I am in the process of making new top plates (well, I'm having them made) and the guy moves like glue, so until they are done, I'm not taking any $$$. The ones I'm having made will not have the holes for the whiskers, as I've figured out that those holes were drilled at the time the whiskers were installed. (jason, maybe you can confirm my finding). The top plates are simple flat 3/16 steel with a bajillion holes. These are being laser tabled and made from scanning the original. I will test fit the finished product before I sell them.

None of the earlier turret parts apply to this turret, so mixing and matching is almost impossible. So if you have a swiss cheese gun mount, it won't work on this without some engineering on your part.

Call or text for pics and information. I am not around the computer or email enough to respond in a timely manner.
843 six seven zero 9636.

These are M1114 turrets and were also used on the MRAP's. I do not have the turret supports. You can install these on the older hmmwv's in place of the light duty turrets. If you have the old support, you have two options on how to install it. You can either place the geared ring in the support and drill out the 36 holes on the top layer (this will have the turret up a little higher over the roof than was originally designed) or you can remove the top layer of your support (where the original bearing mounted too) and use the lower lip layer to get a more correct height. The bearing is 2" thick and supports 5x the weight of the original. This design does not use the 3 piece locking rings as from the earlier designs. A geared ring that the motor, crank, locks, all mate up with.

I am looking for turret supports, but I only value them in the 700-900 range depending on condition. The insane prices they bring on ebay are not for me. Currently working on making my own supports that will look nothing like the original, but will be stronger and safer than the original design. Tailored to fit all the older hmmwvs that have hit the market.
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