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Re: All the M1123's

Post by JuanPrado » Sat Mar 10, 2018 8:51 am

In another lifetime I sold parts and was a rep for an engine automotive rebuilder that was doing the majority of the mopar rebuilds 15-20 years ago. Chrysler did not want to be in the rebuild/reman business. They contract out and have a relationship to share cores/parts/tech info etc.

GM has sold off many of its parts divisions to the aftermarket and are Delco only in name as it had experienced financial difficulties. I have no doubt the same happened with their reman engines/trans. A 3rd party "approved" contractor does the work and has the rights to label.

Things might have changed but I highly doubt any of the big 3 are in any kind of reman business. That is not their cup of nuts/bolts.

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