MB front seats to trade for GPW parts

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MB front seats to trade for GPW parts

Post by 42cargo » Tue Apr 30, 2013 7:43 pm

Time to get my junk into your shop and your junk into mine.

I have a pair of MB front seats that I'm looking to trade. Condition of the seats is good to very good. Driver's side is very straight. Passenger side seat back needs minor straightening. I haven't stripped or sandblasted these, but I don't see any signs of rust other than pitting on the top side of the passenger seat pan.

Click on thumbnail images to get larger photos

Driver seat top view

Driver seat bottom view

Passenger seat top view

Passenger seat bottom view

Passenger seat pan detail

I'm looking for parts on the list below for use on a December '44 GPW. Good take-off or NOS, no reproductions.



Front bumper (F-marked)
Upper front bumper gussets (F-marked)
Battery top hold-down bracket (F-marked)
Battery j-bolt and wing nut
Sept. or Oct. '44 Warner Gear H marked transmission case (Flat spot on case top stamped I XDATEX 4 D or J XDATEX 4 D)
Oct. or Nov. '44 distributor (data plate marked 10Y or 11Y)
Oct. or Nov. '44 generator (data plate marked 10Y or 11Y)
Adaptors for fuel filter connections
Stop light bulb (F-marked, 6-volt) This is the bulb that has a red, all-glass lens
Dust strap for a GPW starter motor with a Ford data tag on it
Protective covers for valve stems
Mirror arm with round shoulder as seen in this image: http://jeepdraw.com/images/jeepdraw/GPW ... Mirror.jpg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Hand brake cable. (With the Ford-type and early-war MBs, the handle is an integral part of the cable assembly. If you have a complete original, I'd be interested. If not, I already have an original handle for this and if I could find the exterior cable and the remnants of the inner cable with the F-marked end piece that mounts onto the actuator lever, I'd be interested in that to possibly rebuild.)
Eyebolts for trailer safety chains (Marked with a GPW 5136 part number)
Autolite 6V coil (no stud on bottom)
Coil bracket IG 4070
D-washers for coil bracket (F-marked)
Straps to secure pioneer tools to body
Straps to secure the canvas top to the bottom of the passenger seat when the top is folded and stowed
Straps to secure the top bows in place when they are lowered. (Attach to the footman loops on the back of the body)
Capstand screws that go in the top of the windshield to mount the top
Toggle-type ignition switch (F-marked)
Cover for the fuel sender unit (F-marked)
Fuel filter bottoms (These look like large fender washers, but they have a specific cut in them and mount directly under the original wafer-style fuel filters on the interior of the fuel filter assembly.)
Cast swivels for the door safety straps. (The straps feed through the swivels, which are affixed to the body with special shouldered bolts.)
Recessed bolts that mount the hood hinge to the cowl. (Special over-sized washer and unique manufacturer's marking inside the recess.)
Recessed bolts that mount the master cylinder inspection cover to the floor. Small shoulder on the bottom.

Radio suppresion condensers:
FM GPA 18841 filter, .5 MFD., mounted on starter motor switch on the hot terminal side. (WO-A-7849)
FM GPW 18935-B filter, 0.1 MFD., mounted on coil stud. (WO-A-7848)
G503 GPW Parts Wanted
Original F-marked bracket to hold battery in place and one J-bolt
Original F-marked front bumper

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