2018 Freedom Vehicles Military Outpost

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2018 Freedom Vehicles Military Outpost

Post by wadefreedomvehicles » Thu Jan 04, 2018 4:27 pm

Freedom Vehicles Association would like to wish you a Happy New Year. As we do so we also invite all living historians, reenactors, militaria collectors, military vehicles owners, historians, and enthusiasts to help us in 2018.
Freedom Vehicles Association puts on many interactive educational displays and is always looking for knowledgeable and interested volunteers to help with these events.
We are planning our largest event of the year, Freedom Vehicles Military Outpost. This event is held in conjunction with America's Freedom Festival in Orem, UT July 2nd through 4th 2018.
This event attracts over 50,000 spectators that come to enjoy an interactive educational experience learning about American history and our armed services. The Freedom Vehicles Association display of equipment and vehicles ranges from WWI to Modern day (1900-2018).
We are looking for individuals and groups who love military history and want to come and participate. Through the combined efforts of many, we foresee this becoming one of the premiere events of it kind in the nation.
If you or your group find this event intriguing we invite you to contact us for additional information.
Email: wstout@freedomvehicles.org
Please be sure to share with anyone you feel would be interested.

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