FS: Orig. WW2 Italian Campaign Books Etc.

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FS: Orig. WW2 Italian Campaign Books Etc.

Post by AZ Jeff » Mon Jan 04, 2010 8:34 pm

Howdy Folks,

If you like WW2 Italian Campaign Stuff here's a few bits you may be interested in...


All original, period material. Some rare, some common, all decent or better condition. Except as noted, these pieces are WW2 vintage.

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

IT-1 G.I. Pocket Guide to Italian Cities (1944 print). Scarce 4" x 5" booklet in EXC+ condition. $15

IT-2 G.I. Occupation of Enemy Territory ITALY (1943 print). Scarce 4" x 5" booklet in EXC condition. $15

IT-3 TM 30-303 Italian Language Guide (1943 print). Measures 4" x 5". Common but EXC condition. $10

IT-4 Ditto but WELL USED by a G.I. Cover partially loose. $5

IT-5 TM 30-603 Italian Phrase Book (1943 print). Measures 4" x 5". Fairly hard to find and EXC. $15

IT-6 TM 30-259 Military Dictionary English-Italian/Italian-English (1943 print). Measures 5.5" x 8.5". EXC with some writing on cover. $15

IT-7 British Forces Italian-English Dictionary (1943 print). Measures 5" x 7". Has American officer's name and service number on cover. EXC. $10


IT-8 Mission Accomplished Africa-Sicily-Italy Souvenir Booklet. Produced in Italy by the Information and Education Section MTOUSA in 1945. Measures 10" x 7" in newsprint type paper with loads of photographs. Very cool and very scarce. Some folds/creases/chipes etc. but overall VG. $25

IT-9 FINITO! The Po Valley Campaign 1945. Published by the 15th Army Group in Milan, 1945. Measures 6.5" x 8.5". Well illustrated souvenir book for the troops. EXC with original map in the back. $15

IT-10 19 Days From the Appenines to the Alps (the Story of the Po Valley Campaign). Published by the 5th Army in Milan, 1945. This 6.5" x 9.5", 90 page history of the campaign in text and photos was given to the G.I.s to mail home. Common book in VG shape with some chips. $10

IT-11 Road to Rome (5th Army). Another 5th Army souvenir book covering Salerno-Naples-Volturno-Cassino-Anzio and Rome. Measures 6" x 8.5". This 56 page well illustrated book is common but in VG condition. $10 ** SOLD. Thanks Dewey!

IT-12 From the Volturno to the Winter Line (6 October-15 November 1943). Published in 1944 by the Military Intelligence Division as part of the American Forces in Action Series. Measures 6" x 9". Covers the campaign in detail in text and photos. Complete with large end map. Scarce book. Spine has old tape removal wear and the covers are pretty loose (easily glued back). $20


IT-13 The 15th Over Italy. Published by AAF Publications, Los Angeles, CA c.1945-46. Well illustrated with official AAF photographs. 8.5" x 11" softbound book. Nice! $15

IT-14 Pup Tent Poets. Published by the Stars & Stripes Medittaranean office in Italy, 1945. Measures 7" x 9.5" with 113 pages of poems by G.I.s. Inside covers have color insignia. Fairly common book in VG condition. $10

IT-15 Bill Mauldin's Sicily Sketch Book. Published in Palermo, Sicily in 1943. I believe this 6.5" x 9" softbound booklet is Mauldin's first G.I. cartoon publication. Paper is heavier than usually. Covers are loose (need to be reattached) but present. Inside shows water stains etc. This book was brought back by a WW2 Infantryman. Needless to say, it is a VERY SCARCE book. $60

IT-16 Bill Mauldin's This D@mn Tree Leaks (c.1945). This 6" x 9" softbound book has 117 pages of cartoons and text. Missing the first inner cover page otherwise VG. $10

IT-17 Italian Dictionary (1943 print). Published by the Infantry Journal for sale to soldiers. This 3.5" x 5.5" softbound booklet has 218 pages of phrases etc. Has a WW2 jeep on the cover. Nearly perfect condition. $10

IT-18 Edizioni S.A.E.L. Pocket Dictionary English-Italian (1943 print). Civilian book printed in Naples and used by a U.S. Army corporal (name and ASN on cover). Shows much use but it was "there". $5


IT-19 A Soldier's Guide to Naples (c. 1944). Printed by the Information and Education Section, MTOUSA. This 5" x 7" newsprint type booklet has 48 pages of text and photos on the sites of Naples. Includes a center, fold-out city map. Neat book given to soldiers on R&R in Naples. Overall VG. $10

IT-20 British 1:250,000 Map of Naples (1943). Very cool military map of Naples measuring 24" x 17". Some creases and rips but overall VG. $15

IT-21 Milano: Its Points of Interest and How to See Them (c.1945). Small 4"x6" folded pocket with photos and maps of Milan sites. EXC. $2

IT-22 USO Camp Show Announcement for the comedy "Meet the Wife". This three act show was produced in the Palm Theater, Naples, Italy on 08/05/45. Includes the original General Staff Seating ticket #3(!!!). EXC. $2

Prices do not include postage (but most will fit in Flat Rate packaging easily). Please PM direct with the "IT" number if you are interested -- if you are interested in everything contact me for a better lot price. PayPal accepted and preferred. I'll be listing some WW2 unit histories as well... Thanks for looking!

Jeff Q.

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