Keeping us safe from Purple Heart collectors..

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Re: Keeping us safe from Purple Heart collectors..

Post by lt.luke » Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:19 am

AZ Jeff wrote:Well, we don't want some millionaire trying to pass himself off as a Great War double VC winner do we? :D

I recently sold a PH ID'd to a WWI nurse during a show in Phoenix. Research showed she'd died in 1942 and was one of a handful of nurses wounded during the shelling of a Verdun field hospital on 11/02/18. The collector buyer said he thought the name sounded familiar... The next day he brings in the New York State Conspicuous Service Medal named to the same gal. He'd bought it on line years earlier. So, after decades apart, these two pieces come together again.

Jeff Q.
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Re: Keeping us safe from Purple Heart collectors..

Post by Radtech » Thu Jun 01, 2017 11:17 am

Back in the 60's at the shop where I worked we could not sell US issued medals without a canceled postage stamp under 18USC ch.33 ,704.In case we were caught we could say the buyer bought the stamp and the medal was a gift.

AZ Jeff
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Re: Keeping us safe from Purple Heart collectors..

Post by AZ Jeff » Thu Jun 01, 2017 11:57 am

Yeah, the ole' cancelled postage stamp loop hole... I'm going to guess that the Feds had bigger fish to fry in the depth of the Cold War than peddlers of service medals? Can't say as I ever heard of anyone being prosecuted for this offense. If there was widespread crackdowns over the last 40 years then the dealers at militaria and gun shows were apparently oblivious. Chapter 33 (Sections 700-716) makes for a good read. It's full of curious laws but when they make reference to "The Canal Zone" (ex: 18USC702) you know the "threat" originated in a different era.

Jeff Q.
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Re: Keeping us safe from Purple Heart collectors..

Post by Price B W » Fri Jul 07, 2017 3:07 pm

The road to hell is certainly paved with good intentions.

lol I understand what the law makers are trying to do as a Marine and Purple Heart Recipient I under the "idea" but I'm also a collector and have been given things by families and friends that no longer care to have them for one reason or another, its illogical to make this illegal if the person isn't trying to pass it off as there own or seek false glory and free beers with it.
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