Ammo Can Stencils - $11 for 6 (mailed)

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Ammo Can Stencils - $11 for 6 (mailed)

Post by Bart1015 » Fri Dec 15, 2017 8:23 pm

Hello all,

I dug out my stencil machine so I could label all my ammo cans. I figured some other G503 guys/gals could use the stencils also.

5/8 inch stenciling, perfect for labeling your surplus ammunition cans and or crates.

Common requests are 308, 223, 556, 9MM, 30CARB, ect. The limit is 6 numbers/letters total for each stencil for bullet calibers.

3 full numbers/letters can fit on a small ammo can latch.
6 full number/letters can fit on a large ammo can latch.

I am making these with a 1920s diagraph. I use the correct paper (oil board) to ensure nice clean cuts.

Can be used with spray paint or an ink roller.

They can be reused several times, especially, if you permit the paint to dry on the stencil between uses. These are not “stick on”. They can be taped onto/ held onto the item that needs marking.

If interested, please PM me for ordering details.

Ammo Can Stencil - 6 individual stencils (can be mix or match, your choice) for $11, shipped to USA addresses.

Thank you

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