SELLER WARNING - UKRAINE Sergiikrav /volodymyrkrav EBAY

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John W. Rymark
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Re: SELLER WARNING - UKRAINE Sergiikrav /volodymyrkrav EBAY

Post by John W. Rymark » Fri Nov 20, 2015 4:31 pm

Sorry Pardner, but I have to go along with others who say this has nothing to do with ebay. I've a few hundred purchase through ebay. Two bad experiences. In each case ebay supported my position. Whatever someone's penniless dialogue, you went along with him selling around ebay. Not good for ebay. Not good for you. Actually, not good for every restorer. I very much appreciate having been able to buy rare Ford GP and motorcycle parts on ebay from around the world. I'm dog gone happy this great service is there. Seller or buyer, whoever cheats ebay out of their fee isn't doing anyone a favor. I'm glad you posted this to help others. Perhaps they won't buy from this European, but more importantly they will see how bidding, taking the bid and then not properly completing the deal through ebay is bad for all restorers.

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Re: SELLER WARNING - UKRAINE Sergiikrav /volodymyrkrav EBAY

Post by ziro » Sun Nov 22, 2015 5:58 am

I'm sorry, but my last post has only to do with this Ukraine guy. Nothing with ebay generally! Sorry when this was not clear.

I like ebay very much and it is the only way for me to get Harley XA parts from the whole world. And I have more then 1000 auctions without any problems.

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Re: SELLER WARNING - UKRAINE Sergiikrav /volodymyrkrav EBAY

Post by greef » Mon Dec 28, 2015 11:17 am

I received a response to my ad for a NOS harley davidson headlight on ebay from a buyer from oekraine that he wanted to buy my part gladly.
But he asked me to remove the ad and wanted to send him an invoice via paypal.
when I received the ad I removed all my doubts and realized that this is not allowed.
the buyer asked me the value of the item under the $ 100 would put related customs
and he gave me an address where I had to send it back.
I went to see this person and did a lot of negative reports about this person against.
He also has been selling items through ebay and used again and again a different name.
ebay his name now zundappman99 and before that he used harleyman
He called Sergii Kravets but also uses the name volodymyr Kravets
and also uses different addresses in ukraine.
by that there are paypal payment a different name so you're not even through paypal assured that everything goes well.
he simply gives the message that he has not received it and the seller has his stuff and lost his money.
So if someone asks outside ebay to do business do not go into it and never send your stuff to a different address than that from paypal!

the last adres i had from him was voldodymyr kravets
city Podgorodnoe
street Korotkaya 24
zip code 52002
region dnepropetrovskaya oblast
country ukraine

now the ad is relist on ebay and a seller under the name bikestuff4y (0) ask me
Beste marcel1499,
Shipping to russia with insurance?

and what do you think ! this guy is also from Ukraine

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Re: SELLER WARNING - UKRAINE Sergiikrav /volodymyrkrav EBAY

Post by Lib45 » Mon Dec 28, 2015 11:26 am

Funny thing though....

Although there has been a lot of warning, he still sells WLA-parts thru the eBay sites under his latest new name UACAR...and people are still bidding!!
Personally I don't mind, but stop complaining when you were warned about his business...!

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Re: SELLER WARNING - UKRAINE Sergiikrav /volodymyrkrav EBAY

Post by OLDABEWLA » Thu Oct 26, 2017 4:14 pm


Any connection?
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