In search of a (UPDATE FOUND)

1945 - 196*, Willys CJ series, Wanted jeeps or parts, list your needs.
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In search of a (UPDATE FOUND)

Post by wc56daveyboy » Wed Dec 06, 2017 4:30 pm

Found my next project.

Thanks all!

As my 44 mb is coming to an end I'm going to be searching for my next project.

Prefer a cj2a, cj3a or m38.
Basically any flat fender besides ww2 models.

What I seek:

-Running and driving
-Body should be solid, but need not be perfect. I don't want rotted floors. Good hat sections a must. Dents and missing stuff ok.

I don't want someone else problems. A good running, shifting jeep to start with.
If it needs brakes, I'm ok with that.
Titled preferred but not imperative.
Don't need 100% originality, but I want a good base to start with (I.e. Original flat head and t-90/d18.)
Oversized tires, lifted ok with me
12v converted ok as well

Contact me at 214-733-3741
Tell me what you got, include pics in your email or text with an asking price.

Sure would be good to get something within a couple hundred miles from home

Home being mcalester, Oklahoma.
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Tim Powell
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G-Staff Sergeant
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Re: In search of a good cj2a or 3a project

Post by Tim Powell » Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:03 am

Hey wc56daveyboy.
Don't know if you received my email but a guy up here in Iowa has a MB38 for sale.
I think the price is right and sounds like it's right up your alley.
E-mail: "MARK CRULL"
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Jeep is in Mt. Pleasant Iowa stored inside.
I would purchase the Jeep myself but the reason for selling mine was it's too hard for my Lori to
get in and out of. We bought a "48" Plymouth and are going to build a replica staff car.
Still have the M37 & trailer for local parades.
Tim Powell
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