M3A4 cart equipment

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M3A4 cart equipment

Post by ccandgc » Thu May 11, 2017 6:52 pm

I bought Tranhams hand cart he had for sale here last month. Finally got it delivered to the PRK last week. I can't really find any reference to what they were supposed to "officially" carry, per an equipment list. I guess I could throw whatever on there, but thought I'd ask those with more experience....

Here's what I have:
1928/A4/A1 for sh!ts and giggles (talking to Rollin about a dummy for shows)
5 wood ammo boxes (gonna clean up and repaint)
NOS steam hose
Sarco repro water can

And of course, I need the cushman to drag it around the yard.

Everything is new/restored, so I figured I should keep the new-ness theme for continuity. I found that half track footman loops are almost a perfect fit for the factory drilled holes, and I found a leather guy to make me a set of belts

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