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old man
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advice on seals

Post by old man » Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:03 pm

after finally getting my 151a2 up in the air so I can work on repairs. and I knew I would find some leaks. As I'm looking at most of the areas it looks like most of them are located on the drive line (shafts).
I am hoping to avoid pulling the engine and trany in order to clean this up. I'm thinking I might be able to disconnect the shafts and replace those seals.
am I way off base here? any advice would be appreciated.
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Re: adice on seals

Post by Rickf » Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:49 pm

Those seals can be done in the vehicle. Be aware that as soon as you pull the yoke out the transmission drains an a big hurry, I just want you to be prepared. It pays to drain the transmission first. The rear output seal is easy because that housing unbolts and you can do it on the bench. The front one is a bear because it is tucked up in there but it is doable. These seals are pretty long in depth so they will not come out easy, leave yourself plenty of time and patience. The kits you get to put new seals in will most likely include wear sleeves to go on the yokes, you do have to use them because the seals are larger to fit the sleeves and will leak badly if you don't. Do NOT drive the yokes on fast!!! There is a cup in the yoke that seals the oil from coming out through the spline and if you push the yoke in to fast it will pop out that cup. That said be sure to check the oil pattern as you take it apart to make sure that is not your leak. When you put the yoke back in just push it in slowly and give the air a chance to escape around the splines.

If the little seal at the transfer rod for the four wheel drive is leaking then the transfer case has to come partially apart to replace that on. Mine has been leaking for five years! I will replace it when I have a reason to pull the powerpack out.
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