Windshield brace

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Re: Windshield brace

Post by lt.luke » Sat Mar 11, 2017 8:42 pm

Marty, SoCal wrote:Especially if you...tow with the top on at higher speeds it should help

Having the windshield open 3-4" at the bottom really does help the buffeting and air wrapping around and hitting your head, No bugs for me, and I often drive at 60 mph + with my overdrive.
I can't understand why anyone tows these with the windshield and/or top on. It's pure-T laziness and you deserve the top slapping you on the head. As for the OD...yea, cool, and 15-20 miles per hour faster than it was ever intended to go. Fun and exillerating. And probably pretty hard on the old girl in areas other than the windshield. Mine will hit 60 without an OD...but I do not WANT to go any faster in it!

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Re: Windshield brace

Post by tamnalan » Tue Mar 14, 2017 2:04 pm

An overdrive is really useful, Luke. I like to drive my MB to work at Wright Pat AFB whenever the weather is decent. I live about 8 miles away on some fairly rural roads. The OD helps me keep up with local traffic (45-50 mph) much easier. I feel a lot safer out there now. I rarely go over 55 with it - that seems too fast for me too. Without the OD, I always felt like I was thrashing my motor at speeds above 40.

It's also good for splitting gears on hills, which is really useful when pulling a trailer. The OD splits 2nd and 3rd really nicely.

Last fall I got to join in on Mike Picard's outstanding FCT in Colorado. 7 days of high mountain trails! I found that an OD is very useful in low range for splitting gears, and third gear plus OD is high enough in low range that I didn't need to shift my transfer case between low and high range very much on the trails. That's an awkward shift when in a group of moving jeeps. It seemed like more jeeps at Mike's had ODs than not.

I know guys who leave their jeep tops up when trailering them - I don't do that myself.
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